Alton Towers, UK 09/04/2017

Early morning this morning, as always with an Alton Towers trip, however this time there was 12 of use going, yes you read that right 12!!!! three cars full to busting point!! Everyone that went: Me (Alisha), Hannah, Nikki, Kamil, Jodie, Boe, Kinisha, Matt, Summy P, Sal, Sufiya and the three Patels (I’m really bad with names!). Anyway, it was a busy day again because the weather was nice everyone decided to come so it wasn’t easy to get on some of the rides, however the staff did brilliantly at keeping the ques down. We managed to get on a … Continue reading Alton Towers, UK 09/04/2017

Alton Towers, UK 26/03/2017

So last night was Kamil’s birthday so we went out for a few to drink… really bad idea when Hannah wants to leave for opening weekend at crazy o’clock in the morning to go to Alton Towers!! Thankfully I don’t drink so the only problem was that I was tired… like super tired! But hey never mind, we got there early to get on as many rides as possible, unfortunately it was really busy, by the time we got there the car park was full and the monorail que was unreal so we walked it which I am never happy … Continue reading Alton Towers, UK 26/03/2017

Liverpool Valentines Trip – 02/17

So this trip was just so disappointing and it’s such a shame because Hannah had picked such a fun thing to do 😦 So we got in the car and drove to Liverpool by the docks, we had packed a load of munchies and a blanket because we were going to an outdoor cinema, yes I mean the American style outdoor cinema! We were going to sit in the car with your blankets and munchies and watch a film… however nothing had been posted on the Facebook page saying what movie they were playing which was a bit weird, we … Continue reading Liverpool Valentines Trip – 02/17

Alton Towers, UK 17.03.18

So there was a lot to think about this morning about whether or not we wanted to go as the weather was suppose to be really bad, but we went anyway. We got there and it was freezing temperatures going as low as -3 degrees celsius highs of -1 degrees celsius and it was snowing. The requirements to open the rides was at least 2 degrees celsius so there was only 5 rides open when we got there 15 mins before opening. We did manage to get parking for free (normally £6 for the full day) and the season pass … Continue reading Alton Towers, UK 17.03.18

Alter Bridge! 23/11/16

So after just getting back from our holiday to Disneyland Paris (read about it –>) I was traveling with my mum and brother to Manchester to watch Alter Bridge while they were touring, I’ve been quite excited about it actually, I’ve really gotten into them and their new album is awesome! We drove down to the Manchester Arena and parked in the carpark while we went to have a wonder round manchester, it would be rude considering it’s the end of November to not look around the Manchester Christmas Market and I ended up picking out my Christmas present from … Continue reading Alter Bridge! 23/11/16