Helens Younique Party

So as people probably know I am not a make-up person, I don’t see the point in putting a load of stuff on my face and hope that I do it right so that it makes me look pretty for the day, so going to a make up party wasn’t going to be my first choice of activities, however there was also moisturisers and creams that I can use… Now that I am into!

Hannah is a huge make up fan but she also went to take photographs (have a look at her photography page –> HERE!) with her last minute make shift studio! We got there late (as always!) so her studio was literally grab a sheet, throw it over the wardrobe doors and grab some lamps to help with the quickly fading light, I don’t think she did that bad considering the circumstances 🙂

Helen had put a spread on which was nice, yano the usual party food cheese and crackers, breadsticks and dip, cocktail sausages 🙂 She had all of the make up out on the purple younique packaging that you get when you order something, as well as some purple glasses that she had made and other bits and pieces which I thought was a nice touch. There was a glass of prosecco on arrival (I was driving so didn’t have any, that and I wouldn’t drink it anyway!). We were encouraged to try out some of the products that where available to buy as well as free samples of facemasks and moisturising cream to take home and try before purchasing, which is a good idea because they are quite expensive so I wouldn’t want to spend for example £38 on a Royalty Time Correcting Night Cream and when I get it, it makes my skin even more oily then it already is and I end up having a break out, hello oily spotty skin goodbye £38 Night Cream, so having the chance to try out the creams at the party was a huge bonus.

A lot of the ladies that went did the full shebang with the eyeliner and the foundation, having a try of all of the makeup that was on offer, which helped a lot of them find what kind of style suites them, there was a draw to have a makeover from a professional make-up artist (Amy Tattersall click –> HERE!), there was a live feed of what she did on Facebook (I can’t seem to find it!) which really benefited some of the ladies as there was a lot of tips and tricks that could be used on a day to day basis as well as night out makeup and there was another draw to win a 3D mascara (you where entered if you liked and shared the business page linked below!).

It was a good evening even though I don’t like makeup I enjoyed trying the creams which seemed to work quite well (on my hand anyway!). The vlog will be up soon, have a look at the vlog —> HERE! where you can see bits and pieces from the party 🙂

Helens Younique party

Helens facebook group

Helens Youqniue Business Page


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