Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK, 26/02/17

So we decided it would be a good idea to go to the Pleasure Beach when the tickets are half price (11th February – 26th of March!), I thought it was going to be crazy busy and the fact that storm Dorris had just passed by us the weather would be horrendous. However I was wrong! It was quiet and the weather wasn’t that bad, so me, Hannah and Nikkie made our way though a rather large que to get in.

It was quite windy so the Big One was closed due to high winds. Wild Mouse, Crazy Daisy Teacup ride and another ride that I can’t remember were all closed for maintenance, and the Grand National was closed which was a huge bummer because we weren’t told, we did find out that apparently it had been fitted with new breaks and they were having some sort of issue with it so decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea to open it, which is fair enough.

I do like the Pleasure Beach because it has rides that I can handle, we went on loads!! The first ride of the day wasn’t really a ride (for me anyway), was Impossible which was boring, we went through the maze and then Hannah and Nikki went on the ride at the end (I don’t like it, it makes me feel sick!), next was Wallace and Gromit (my fav!!), I don’t really know why I like this ride, I think it’s because it has no upsie downsies (technical term for vertical drops and loops), plus I love Wallace and Gromit so thats always a bonus. Next was Nickelodeon land where Hannah and Nikki went on Avatar airbender and then we all went on the blue flyer, Nikki didn’t like that one so me and Hannah went on the bigger version of it called the Nickelodeon Streak which is fab, it’s so much fun 😀

We then wondered over to the Red Arrow ride, me and Nikki have never been on it so it was a new experience, I didn’t really like it to be honest, I know that the whole point is to be a Red Arrow driver and do all of these loops (there is a record to try and beat) but I just felt a bit sick and I didn’t go upside down once, it was quite windy as well so we were rocking quite a lot. On the plus side though we could see the construction of the new coaster which is in a very big area, the supports are already in throughout the area and have been turned into tables for now until they are ready to expand the construction site which is a really good idea.

Burger King was the next stop before we went over to Valhalla which we didn’t end up doing because it was cold, so we went on Alice in Wonderland and the Ghost train which can I add is really freaky, it smells and is a bit jolty but the excasist bit really freaked me out. Me and Hannah then went back on the Nickelodeon Streak and Hannah and Nikki went on the Rugrats water ride and got rather wet 😀

Overall it was a good day and I think Nikki enjoyed her first experience of the Blackpool Pleasure Beach. No badges today though which sucks but never mind… Watch the vlog –> HERE! it’s great 😀


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