Bolton Comic Con, UK, 18/02/16

Ok so today is a day that I traveled on my own! I decided that I really wanted to go to Bolton Comic Con, 1. because I have never been to a Comic Con and 2. becuase Andy Fairhurst  was there. Andy Fairhurst is my favourite graphic designer, artist, illustrator whatever you want to call him but I love his work so being able to go and meet him was incredible.

I drove to the Macron Stadium (if you are not a Bolton FC fan like me you will still know that stadium as the Reebok), and before I had even entered the place there was Optimus Prime outside, it was the official vehicle used by Hasbro in the UK, it did have a facelift which has made it more screen accurate then ever! and Bolton Comic Con was it’s first outing since the makeover which is really cool. I’m not a fan of Transformers, however it was amazing to look at.

Optimus Prime

I paid on the door which was £5 instead of £7 as I went in about 2 hours before closing, which wasn’t to bad. When I got in there was literally just rows and rows of stalls which sold pretty much anything and everything that you can think of! I ended up buying a guitar plectrum for my brother with Darth Vader on it, Assassins creed book, Charmander soft toy (for Hannah I’m a Bulbasaure kind of girl!), a replica of the Mocking Jay pin and Harry Potter coasters (Hufflepuff for Hannah and Ravenclaw for me).

The rows kept going!

There were a lot of cosplay all around, some were incredible they literally looked exactly the same as the originals, the image below is a very small part of the cosplay (others ran away when the word ‘picture’ was announced!)

Very good image by Alan Andrew, very hard tog et everybody’s attention!

So because you’ve been reading this blog and I have said right at the beginning that I adore Andy Fairhurst I think it’s only fair that I show you what only cost me a tenner! Not only is this (one of) my favourite prints that he has done he was so cool and down to earth when I bought it saying “do you want me to sign it for you?” I was like YES!!! It was if he didn’t realise how big he is in the industry, he is such a nice dude and happily stood and chatted with me about anything and everything it was really nice of him.

You can’t see the signature in this pic but it’s in the bottom right corner in silver.

Overall it was a really good day, the crowds were controlled really well, there was such a large variety of stalls there, lots of famous faces to get autographs from, cosplay competition and of course the retro gamin area. I really enjoyed myself and I will happily go to another comic con again (hopefully with my partner in crime next time!).

Check out the Bolton Comic Con Facebook here –> Facebook


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