Alter Bridge! 23/11/16

So after just getting back from our holiday to Disneyland Paris (read about it –>) I was traveling with my mum and brother to Manchester to watch Alter Bridge while they were touring, I’ve been quite excited about it actually, I’ve really gotten into them and their new album is awesome!

We drove down to the Manchester Arena and parked in the carpark while we went to have a wonder round manchester, it would be rude considering it’s the end of November to not look around the Manchester Christmas Market and I ended up picking out my Christmas present from my Nan which is a beautiful journal with a green stone in the middle of the hand made leather and then the hand made paper inside just made me fall in love with it. We then went to Hard Rock Cafe which of course we all got burgers because it would be rude not to, we then went into the concert (after peeing of course because we are standing and once we move thats it we’ve lost our space in the crowd).

I’ve never stood at a concert before so I was nervous going in but knowing I was with my mum and Ric eased my nerves a bit and we managed to find some of Ric’s mates in the crowd so we hung around them. The concert was fab the ‘warm up’ acts really did get us warmed up, there was lots of mosh pits and signing and devil horns in the air so it was great.

Then Alter Bridge came on and they were just incredible I nearly lost my voice singing along with practically every song that they played (most of the new album), it was fab and they played my favourite songs from the new album, Blackbird and Champion. I took so many pictures it’s unreal, what I didn’t appreciate though was the cup of wee that was thrown as well as cups of beer and the crazy amount of crowd surfers with the crazy big boots coming towards our heads.

I loved the experience but I don’t know whether or not I would stand at a concert again, even though it was great fun I think that the amount of crowd surfers and the mosh pits did put a downer on my night, however for other people it probably made theirs.


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