Scarefest, Alton Towers UK – 16/10/16

First time are Scarefest this year! Excited but scared all at the same time, I really didn’t want to be scared because I am very jumpy and might punch someone in the face!

Early morning got up at 7am, thankfully we got the bag together the night before! Drove to pick Nikkie up and the drove to pick Kamil (Nikkies Boyfriend) up and we hit the road to our very first (apart from Hannah) scarefest 😀

It wasn’t the best drive down, very foggy and raining but when we got there it was a bit cold but thankfully the fog and rain went away! We spent most of the day on the smaller rides as Nikki and Kamil aren’t the biggest fans of rides so we stayed on the smaller rides.

We started by watching the Ancestors doing their show which was really good, the music was great and the choreography was spot on with the chosen music. Hannah, Nikki and KAmil went on the Barrels, I stayed off because they make me feel sick (stupid spinny things!) we then wondered through the aquarium which is always fun because I really like fish!

Our first ride of the day was the Runaway mine train, it’s one of Nikki’s (and mine!) favourites so to warm us into the bigger rides we decided it would be a good idea, it turns out it was a good choice. We spent a lot of time on the mine train and the Congo River rapids as they are Nikki and Kamil’s  ‘safe’ rides, we did Dual as well as it is quite a fun ride getting to shoot things and of course the master (Hannah) won again! We did however manage to get them on Galactica which was quite funny because they proper freaked out, Kamil was quiet throughout but apparently Nikki was screaming her head off!

We stopped for hot dogs (because why not!) and then went on Spinball Whizzer which was funny because even Kamil was screaming! Which was stupidly funny considering he was completely silent on Galactica! We stood for a little while to watch the show that was on called ‘Patch and friends’ which was really good for the kids (I enjoyed it to!). We went to the Rollercoaster restaurant which is always nice but rather expensive so we didn’t eat to much, by this time it was getting dark and some of the scare zones were starting to open which I desperately wanted to avoid!

Hannah took Nikki and Kamil on Thirteen which they all really enjoyed and I went on Rita with Hannah while Nikki and Kamil went back onto Thirteen (they liked it that much!). I did something that I have never done on a roller coaster… I put my hands up!! I have never since the first time Hannah brought me to Alton Towers and the many places that we have been to put my hands up, but today I thought stuff it lets do it and I did it!!! So proud ha!

After that we decided to call it a night and go home, we were all knackered because it was such an early morning and I didn’t want to leave it any later as I was already feeling tired, what we didn’t realise on the walk back to the main entrance was that we were heading straight through a scare zone! We did so well missing them all and all of a sudden we were walking through this party with loud music and scary looking dancing clowns! I was genuinely terrified, I’m not scared of clowns or anything like that but I don’t like people making me jump, it normally ends with the other person having a broken nose… Thankfully that didn’t happen, however one of the clowns did go up to Nikki which freaked her out as I completely understand!

Overall it was a really long but great day, I really enjoyed my first Scarefest experience and would definitely do it again you can watch the experience vlog –> HERE! and the actual Vlog –> HERE!

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