Uni trip to Yorkshire! 16/10/16

So we did really kind of guess what was going to be at a sculpture park but we didn’t guess at how much fun it can be when your in the right company.

I came to Yorkshire a lot when I was a kid and never really thought much about it apart from their rugby team (we went to Castleford a lot so for me it was the Castleford Tigers!), that and shopping, because everything was so much cheaper then it was at home.

But know that I’m older I can really appreciate the views and just how beautiful and quiet the place is. When you just want to get away and listen to the wind in the trees or even go bird watching (which is something that we experienced whilst at the sculpture park) somewhere like this is perfect.

It’s quite romantic as well. I went with my university group and so did Hannah, so me and Hannah went wondering and we had so much fun just messing about, seeing who was the fastest climbing the huge hills and who could get closest to the sheep, it was great fun.

I’d definitely recommend this place if you have a dog, you can let them run of the lead and have a brill time. We saw lots of dogs when we went and they were all gorgeous! Or if you need some time away to just relax by yourself or with a loved one it’s perfect for that to.

It’s free to get in as well which is always a bonus, but you do have to pay for car parking. There’s a gift shop in there as well as a lovely little café if you just fancy sitting and looking at the views while having a nice bru.


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