FriendsFest! Yorkshire UK 15/09/2016

So today was really good, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it considering it’s Friends and I’m not the biggest fan (I can giggle at some parts but otherwise it can be quite stupid!) but it turned out ti be quite a good day! Have a watch of our blog here –> I LOST ALISHA | FreindsFest | Special

Early start as our viewing for Monica’s apartment was at 10:30am so we had to get there for when it opened at 9am, so we had to get up early and (try) to miss the traffic. It was based at Harewood which is in the countryside, driving on grass and parking on gravel just wasn’t that much fun and wasn’t good for the car either!

It was really foggy when we got there and we thought we were going to freeze but thankfully it got a lot warmer later on in the day when all of the entertainment started (quiz’s, games and dancing!). Monica apartment was really good, obviously it wasn’t the actual set that it was all filmed on but it was a really good replica! They also replicated Centrel Perk, Joey and Chandlers apartment and Monica’s Diner (which had dancers).

It would have been rude not to go to the shop and buy some stuff (including christmas presents!), then to the silent disco which was really good and of course sit on a deck chair watching ‘best bits’ of the characters before the quiz’s and games started which where really fun to watch. We decided to leave as I didn’t want to rush back to work but we went to the White Rose centre for something to eat and a mooch round the shops (we ended up spending a bit in Primark, but I wasn’t letting a new leather jacket go a miss!) then we got stuck in traffic (of course!) and I had to go to work 😦

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