Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, UK 13/08/16

So this is the start of a very exciting few days for us! Went back to Blackpool last night after work and spent the night at mine, early morning to head to Hannah’s to drop some stuff of and the car. Mum picked us up and we parked about 5 minutes away from the Pleasure Beach, we were all pretty excited to be honest, mum hasn’t been in years so she was quite nervous, Hannah was excited as always because she loves and rides and then there’s me who likes rides but doesn’t like waiting to go on the because I freak myself out!

After quing for about 15 mins (which was a lot quicker then I thought!) we were on our first ride of the day which was of course the Grand National. One of my mums favourite rides back in the day and one that me and Hannah weren’t to keen on because of the stupidly bad whiplash that you get on it, it was good fun though 🙂

We skipped the wild mouse simply because I have enough whiplash as it is! I’ve never been on it and plan to keep it that way, so we went on the river caves after that and the line seemed longer then the Grand National line! and it was still pretty bad to be honest. Next stop was of course Infusion I decided to stay off this one simply because it gives me a headache and once I get a headache that’s me in a bad mood for the rest of the day so I decided to stay away. We then went on the big dipper, we as in me and Hannah, mum is terrified of that ride (I don’t no why) so she stayed off which was totally fine.

Next stop FOOD!! I was so hungry we hadn’t eaten anything all day (yeah it was about 12 :P) so we went to this new place where they said it was ‘American dining’ when in actual fact it had a tiny menu and wasn’t really American at all. However the food was good and cheap which I wasn’t expecting considering we were on a theme park.

We then went to Valhalla, which is always fun. Me and mum didn’t want to get wet so we managed to get some covers but Hannah of course wanted to get wet through… Which she did! We dried off a bit while we waited for Charlotte, Phillipa and Phil. Turns out they were in Nickelodeon land so we had a wonder over there. Me and mum then went on Avalanche which was really funny, mum gets a bit scared when she can see where she could fall and of course with Avalanche being a basically a very fast, twisty turney ride she proper freaked and wasn’t impressed at all. Hannah and the gang were still suing up for the Big One even when we had waited about half an hour to go on Avalanche so we headed back over to Infusion because mum wanted to do it again, we ended up not doing it and I FINALLY managed to get mum on the big dipper! She has been scared for so long and I finally managed to get her on! By the time we had got off that Hannah was back (logging of course!) and decided now mum wanted to do the ride again we went and did it again! Mum was saying that she didn’t no what she was scared of which made us laugh especially when she can do stuff like Infusion and Nemesis at Alton Towers, rather strange!

We wondered off to Burger King to get some food, Charlotte waited for us but Phillipa and Phil went to the arcade (Phil doesn’t like rides), while we waited for the fireworks we went on Wallace & Gromite (I love that ride!) and had a bit of a jig to the music that was playing, there was also fire dancers which was interesting. We did a few more rides at Nickelodeon land before they all closed and then enjoyed the fireworks.

Overall it was a really good day and a great way to start my birthday weekend!Watch the experience vlog!


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