London UK – 14-17/08/2016

WARNING this is going to be a really interesting post! For my birthday (read about my actual birthday here –> My birthday weekend, Blackpool UK 6-7/8/16) we decided to go down to London a few weeks after just for a couple of days and I can honestly say it was absolutely amazing!

Day 1 – Travelling

So we were suppose to get up early but thanks to a really late night the previous night (we went to the pleasure beach read here –> ) we had a bit of a lie in because we were both knackered! But got on the road at 12ish. It was such a long drive! It didn’t help that Hannah read to sat nav wrong and we ended up going up north to Lancaster which added an extra hour onto our journey but hey never mind! We stopped at one of the services to get some food between Stoke and Stafford which is about an hour away from Bolton, but because we set off from Blackpool and went the wrong way we had been driving for approximately 3 hours or so which is actually only an hour off how long it was supposed to take us!

Back on the road and it was pretty straight forward, the Travel Lodge that we stayed in was literally two minutes away from coming of the motorway in Slough right next to a Toby Cauvery and Heathrow Airport. We got there at about 5pm which was a lot later then expected but never mind! We got checked in which was quick and got comfortable, unpacked and went to the pub. Thanks to our large lunch we weren’t that hungry so we just got a drink and a packet of crisps from the pub and sat and watched the plains that were stupidly close to us, Hannah was rather happy about this I however was not that bothered! We sat and watched the Olympics for the rest of the evening and fell asleep quickly.

Day 2 – Thorpe Park, Trains, London Eye, Rainforest Cafe

Early start this morning! Not gunna lie I was terrified about going to Thorpe Park, I have suddenly become a wimp when it comes to rides… Well I work myself up but when I’m on them I love it… Except for Saw but I’ll get onto that! The parking was gravel which of course isn’t the best for the car, Darren Brown, Stealth and the Flying Fish were all closed AND the lady that got us the tickets was miserable so wasn’t really a good start. We got in there and we went on the ‘kiddie rides’ first (Vortex and Quantum), I really didn’t like them they made my tummy go funny 😦

After that we had a bit of a break, because I started to feel a bit sick. The next ride was going to be Nemesis but it was an hour long wait so we didn’t bother. We went on the Rumba rapids which are always fun and the went on Tidelwave! It was incredible! the drop was rather steep but it was hilarious and thankfully its a nice day so we dried off quickly. Next one was X which was really good, no upside downs and even though it was in the dark I could still see because there was strobe lights and some really good music so I really enjoyed it, Hannah thought it was a bit boring but thats because she’s use to doing big stuff which is coming up…

We then went to get some food from a pizza buffet thing which was really good. All you can eat pizza of all different kinds as well as different types of pasta and it was cheap! Next ride was Swarm which is a winged coaster, I really didn’t like it! It just felt to weird the track being next to me instead of under/over me, I came out of my seat a lot so I didn’t feel safe nope didn’t like it, Hannah however loved it because she’s a weirdo!! The last ride of the day was Saw and I cried when I came off of it, it was crazy scary. Because of the long wait I was working myself up throughout the wait and I really didn’t want to do it when I actually got there but I did it and I was brave and I will never do it again!

After getting changed and dropping the car of at the hotel we walked (quickly!) to the train station, our next stop was Paddington station and then we got the underground to Waterloo, I’ve done the underground before when I was younger and because Hannah doesn’t like trains it was crazy scary for her, but she can say that she has done it and safe to say she isn’t that scared anymore! We just about made it to the London Eye for our time slot, Hannah was scared but I got a lovely surprise right at the top (Hannah had finally got me an engagement ring :D) We then walked to the Rainforest cafe which is about a 20 minute walk away from the London Eye, of course we got lost yano the usual but it was such a good day, we were both ready for bed!

Day 3 – Madame Tussauds, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Diana’s Walk, Harry Potter World

Early start again this morning, we got on the train and the underground again to go to Madame Tussauds, we ended up missing it because it was a 2 hour wait to get in! Now I know that it’s suppose to be incredible in London but I’ve been to the Blackpool one before and honestly apart from it being bigger (more photo ops!) I can’t see how it could be any different so we decided to get back on the underground on another line to go to Buckingham Palace. Again Hannah has never seen it in person before so seeing it right there and then felt weird (her words not mine!) we had a wonder round it and stopped at a little cafe before carrying on to Hyde Park where we did Diana’s walk, which was beautiful, Hyde park is gorgeous anyway but the walk had loads of flowers and just a really nice atmosphere. On our walk back to the train station we nearly got attacked by a squirrel now I don’t like squirrels (apart from when they are a rather large way away then I think they are cute) so I was rather jumpy which made Hannah laugh 😦

We took the 45 minute drive to Harry Potter world which we were both excited for (even though Hannah fell asleep!), as major fans of Harry Potter it’s so exciting to go to the studios where it was all filmed anyway, but getting to go inside and (we were told they were filming fantastic beast’s next door to us) a hot set was just incredible!

Now I am not going to spoil it (I think I’ve done enough damage with the pictures!) but it was just absolutely incredible, we got to go on sets, record different things from the films, tried butter bear (which was gross!) and of course look around the HUGE shop at the end it is totally worth the money and the trip down there especially with it being the original sets, costumes and props used in the films.

Day 4 – Time to go home

Had a half lie in this morning because we didn’t need to leave the room till 11am, so we took our time getting out of there and loading the car up. We had a buffet breakfast at the pub which was nice and hit the road home. I’m sad to go home to be honest because it means that we are not going anywhere until Paris in November, we’ve got to go back to work and back to Uni in September.

I’ve had an incredible birthday weekend (even though it was a week after) and spending sometime just chilling with Hannah has been really nice 🙂

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