My birthday weekend, Blackpool UK 6-7/8/16

Day 1

So this weekend was my 20th birthday! My first presents of the day was off Hannah before she went to work, I got a Ravenclaw badge for my travel bag so everyone all over the world knows that I’m a Ravenclaw student! She also got me the new ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed child’ book, but instead of just the book she got my the special edition script one, so basically it is the script from the play which I am soooooo happy with… Now if you are a Harry Potter fan you’ll understand what I’m talking about, if not then the new book is only being made as a play and being shown on the West End.

So the first stop was to pick Hannah up from work, we then drove back to Blackpool in the lovely sunshine, first stop was at Hannah’s where waited for Charlotte who came from Preston to give me my present, unfortunately my present hadn’t arrived but I got the one of Hannah’s mum Helen which was an engraved parker pen, a customer had nicked mine at work a few months ago and I needed a new pen for uni.

Next and last stop was my mums, I got two beautiful charms for my Soufeel bracelet (a music note and paw prints!), I also got €60 of my Nan and Ric which will be used when we go to Paris  in November, I got two pairs of shoes of my dad as well. After that we got KFC and watched the Olympics all night! Mum felt a bit bad for us not going out but I really didn’t mind, I was just happy that I was home 🙂

Day 2

Earlyish morning this morning to get back to Hannah’s to picked Helen, Charlotte and Rosie up to walk down to the prom to go and watch the Red Arrows.

We stopped of at Weatherspoons in South Shore to grab some food and then jumped on a tram to the tower where everything was going on, it was extremely busy and Rosie couldn’t settle so we didn’t stay that long. What we did see though was the typhoon which was just so loud! It’s a beautiful plain but it really does make your ear drums rattle even from that high up in the air. The wing walkers as always were good but I do find them quite boring and there was another plain but I can’t remember the name of it! We then walked back to Hannahs and on the way the Red Arrows flew over and because she lives quite close to the airport we got a better view from there then we did from the actual promenade. Take a look at the video here –> They flew straight over us!



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