Manchester… Again – 10/08/16

So today was a bit of a blur, considering we decided to stay in and have a lazy day it changed quite dramatically when we got a phone call of Alisha asking what we are up to and if we wanted to catch up, which of course we would never say no! The bag was packed quickly, Hannah had a very quick shower and we were at the train station not even 15 minutes after the call 🙂

I do love getting the train I don’t really no why I just do 🙂 Met Alisha at Oxford Road station and walked to this place called Ice Stone Gelato which was like an American desert place and it was just incredible I had a chocolate fondue and just from the picture you can tell what I mean when I say it was filling and tasted gorgeous! I do worry when I have something like that because in some places you get really bad chocolate, like cheap stuff thats been watered down but other places give you proper chocolate 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 21.52.58.png

I ended up leaving my glasses in the toilets (typical!) I didn’t realise until after we got on the bus to the city centre 😦 We had a wonder around the centre and the Arndale centre, Hannah wanted to go to the cat cafe again but all the cats were asleep and there was about an hour wait so we decided against it, Hannah was a bit bummed but I promised we will go another time. After that we sat in Starbucks and Alisha red a bit of the new Harry Potter and she was hooked so I think she’s going to buy it (*UPDATE* She not only ordered it she read it in 5 hours!)

By this time Alisha had to go for work so me and Hannah decided to o to the Red Hot World Buffett, which is just amazing! and because it’s a Wednesday we got student discount which is even better! It was absolutely pouring it down when we rolled out of there so getting to the train station was fun! thankfully it wasn’t that far but we still got rather wet. The train ride home was quite my head decided to start forming a migraine so I couldn’t wait to get changed and snuggle in bed 🙂



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