Cat Cafe, Manchester UK 8/8/16

So today we went exploring again! This time instead of driving which we do quite a lot we walk to the train station and got a train from Bolton to Manchester Victoria. Hannah dons’t like trains so she was a bit nervous but I absolutely love trains and because I drive (and Hannah will be driving soon!) we tend to drive everywhere so when we do use public transport it feels like we are really travelling and it’s so much fun!

We got off at Manchester Victoria and walked 10 minutes to the cat cafe, it’s in the Norther quarter of Manchester so I saw a lot of graphics work that I really liked, which is quite refreshing considering theres hardly anything in Bolton!

Anyway we got there had a bit of a wait because it was quite busy… Had a bit of an issue but nothing serious and we were in! we had to sanitise our hands and put either slippers or shoe covers on, which I found really good. Walking in there it was really clean and cosy, it was very bright with the big windows and there was loads of toys and stuff for the cats which was really good. There was hot and cold drinks as well as cakes which was all included with the price which is really good, you a literally paying for the time that you are there (£1 for 5 minutes!) and you can be there for as long as you want, your not rushed to leave and everyone was very welcoming and chatty, I felt quite comfortable actually and considering I’m allergic to cats I didn’t sneeze once and my eyes didn’t swell up, that is how clean it was which was brilliant.


We left there about an hour after and we got some food at the Arndale Centre at the Hasty Tasty Pizza which was really cheap and really good! If your not that hungry and just need something that you can snack on, this would be the perfect place. We then walked back to the train station and headed to work from platform 5 🙂

Overall even though it was a short trip it was really fun and we both really enjoyed ourselves with the beautiful cats. We will definitely be going again.



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