Alton Towers, UK 17/07/2016

Early start this morning, our adventures take us back to Alton Towers with some work friends! We picked Nikkie up from hers at about 6:15am and drove to work where I thought I would be able to park the car, apparently it’s to early to park there so I had to park in town (thankfully it’s a Sunday and I can park all day for free!). But after that nightmare I jumped in with Hannah, Sal and Sumaiya whilst Nikkie jumped in with Rob and Travis and we set off on our journey!

We are so use to it taking a good 2 hours to get there but obviously because we are closer it took just under an hour which was a nice surprise really. We parked and queued for the Monorail (due to it being so early it wasn’t open yet!), when we got through that we paid and queued to actually get into the park (which again wasn’t open). Now everyone normally goes straight to Sonic Spinball (Spinball Whizzer for anyone who hasn’t been recently!) so due to Hannah knowing this we went straight to Oblivion, I didn’t fancy going on this one so I stayed off with Nikkie, while we were waiting for them we watched The Smiler go round, Nikkie didn’t look to impressed so safe to say she didn’t go on it! Next ride was enterprise which both me and Sal didn’t want to go on so we looked after the bags, we then had a wonder to forbidden valley, Galactic was shut (and unfortunately was all day!) but we went on nemesis which is always a good ride, we went on the front row but I still came off dizzy!

By this time we were all hungry and needed something to eat, so considering we missed it the last time that we were here it would have been rude to miss out again… We had the foot long hot dogs! there were still as good as I remember and I ate it so fast I got the hick ups! Me and Nikkie went back to the flume while everyone else went to the Smiler, we got soaked! We then met everyone at Spinball but ended up missing it and going back to the flume and the Runaway mine train before we had to leave which obviously was fun 🙂

We qued for a while to get donuts and stuff, chilled on the grass for a bit in the sun then walked back to the car (because we missed the last monorail due to our sunbathing!)… I don’t really remember much else because I was fast asleep in the car but apparently it was quite scary!

Overall as always it was really good fun and going with people from work was a really good experience and being able to experience it with friends is even better. check out the video -> Alton Towers #3


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