Lake District Trip 21-23/06/2016

So I booked this trip a while ago and I’ve been nervous since if I’m honest. It was a wowcha deal (wow that makes me sound really cheap) and we were booked in the Damsan Dene Hotel in a place called Kendal which is South of the Lake District, we get 2 nights, breakfast both days and a 3 course evening meal on the first night, we also got a half cruise on lake Windermere for quite cheap so I thought why the heck not! Plus there’s a spa and stuff so treatments will be wanted 🙂

Day 1

Today was a travelling day, we stayed at mine last night so we left at about 1:30pm ish to drop of a suitcase and get some petrol but we were on our way, excitement took over with Hannah videoing in the car and having the music blasting… Until we got into the windey roads, now if you’ve read my previous blog when we went to Alton Towers (Alton Towers, UK 15/06/2016) you would know that Stitch (my little Citroen C1) does not like hills! And of course it’s the Lake District which means tight roads and hills!! But we made it at about 3pm safe, sound and all checked in!

The room was beautiful not the deluxe one that we wanted (my bad for not booking it earlier!) but it was still really nice and the view was just to the side of the road so we could still see the beautiful views that the Lake District can give. We had a bit of a wonder to get our bearings, which included a wander round the bar and round the pond that they have in the garden which had loads of ducks and ducklings, as well as dogs (due to it being a dog friendly hotel!), we also booked some activities for tomorrow but I’ll get onto that… We then got changed and ready for the three course meal (that was included in our deal) in the DSC01007.JPGsmall dining hall,we were sat by the window so we had the view of the garden which was really nice, the food was pretty damn amazing, I had Pattie for starters which was quite strong so I didn’t manage to finish it all, Lamb Shank for main course which was just amazing, it pretty much fell of the bone and the veg which was amazing and well cooked and then I had mixed fruit for dessert which was really refreshing. Hannah had Soup for her starter, Lamb Shank for Mains and a Crème Brule for her dessert, apparently it was all really nice 🙂 The waiters/waitress’s were lovely DSC01020.JPGand well-trained, they knew exactly how to handle different situations which was really great to see, another really funny part was the fact that the ducks decided it would be funny to jump on the window ledges and poke their beaks through the bottom of the window wanting food, it was just really funny to look at. We then retired to our room for the rest of the night, considering we were stupidly full and tired from traveling.

Day 2

So it’s an early start for us, we got up at about 8am to grab some breakfast which was a buffet style in the dining hall that we were in yesterday (breakfast was included on both days which is really good). The food tasted great and the waiters/waitress’s again were really good running round making sure everyone had what they wanted/needed.

Thankfully the weather was really nice, so we jumped in the car and headed to our first destination of the day (which I was quite nervous about) which was Go Ape! I don’t have a thing with heights or anything but I do have a bit of an issue with my nerves taking over. We got there (after getting lost and losing signal on the sat nav) and it was really good! The Go Ape! in Grizedale, Hawkshead is the biggest one that they have and it was so much fun and also quite challenging. When we got there and filled all the forms and everything out it was ok no nerves yet then we got the harnesses on and started practicing what to do when we were up a tree… Nerves starting to kick in… Then I was the test dummy and did the first obstacle on my own, basically I was picked to show everyone how to do it, that’s when the nerves went full force but I did it and it was so much fun we basically ran through the rest of the course, I think my favourite bits were the zip wires and that was what I was most scared of at first but they were just really amazing.

Second adventure of the day was to travel back to Kendal and go to Predator Experience, where we got to have some cuddles with Red Fox’s and walk Hybrid wolves!

We walked the wolves first and I adore wolves so this was an amazing experience for us both, the lady Dee had loads of amazing facts for us… I’ll list them –

  • Wolves have webbed feet, which helps them swim and tread through snow
  • They hunt better in the winter than in summer
  • To accept you into their pack they will want to put your head in their mouths (they didn’t with us they happily sniffed our hand thankfully!)
  • There are many different howls that they do depending on what they are feeling
  • They start to call for you if you are away longer than 2 hours

The two hybrids ended up having a bit of a sparing match which was amazing to watch, as well as hearing them howl in the back of the van was just incredible. The best bit for me was when my foot slipped of a grass verge and I didn’t even tug on the lead but the wolf new turned round completely ignored Dee who was saying that I was ok, jumped up at me and give me a kiss on the cheek to make sure that I was ok, it was just incredible.

We then went to see the red fox’s who were adorable. They weren’t as hyper as I thought they would be but they were quite happy to chase after some treats that Dee threw, which turned out to be chicks (not my cup of tea but there you go). They were rather cute 🙂

We got back to the hotel and had some food from the bar which was lovely, as much as I enjoyed the food last night, the ‘pub food’ that we had was really tasty. We then went to bed really had baths, cuddled yano the usual 🙂

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Day 3

Early morning today, had breakfast which again was beautiful, Hannah went to get everything out of the room and check out whilst I went for my very first massage! I didn’t really no what to expect apart from nearly falling asleep (which I did!), it was really nice when I was getting it, I got a back, neck and scalp massage so my back felt really loose, as if I could move again! and my shoulders felt quite tender afterwards, I don’t know whether that was because I have really sensitive shoulders of because I had that many knots she had to really work on them. The scalp massage was amazing, it included a bit of a facial which was nice but I don’t really like my face being touched so it made my jump a bit. Otherwise it was really nice and the lady new exactly what she was doing which put my mind at ease 🙂

After we both had our massages we got everything in the car and set of to Lakeside to go on the cruise on Lake Windermere (which again was included in our deal), we got lost (those three words seem to be a regular occurrence in this post!) but managed to find our way eventually! The cruise was amazing and really relaxing, thankfully we had good weather again so it wasn’t choppy at all. The best bit of the cruise was when we got told it was a low flying zone and literally just as the guy said that a World War 2 plane flew over us doing a barrel roll, it was so close we could see the pilot! It was just incredible.

When we got of the cruise in Bowness we found pub for some food and then had a very quick wonder round. I got Hannah a Pandora, a primrose to be exact which is the one she really wanted and I couldn’t say no! We then got back on the cruise to Lakeside and went to the aquarium there before it closed, it was pretty incredible inside there was loads of different types of fish that I have never seen before which was really cool, there was otters which I love!!! Their just so cute and amazing, the noise they make are just adorable, there was also Marmosets which are tiny monkeys, they were just beautiful and was really intrigued by the video camera (take a look -> Lakes #1 Vlog).

We then traveled home! It was so amazing to spend some time with Hannah with no work or uni, I know it sounds daft because we live together but we don’t really see much of each other because we are working so much so when we do see each other we have to work like associates not a couple so it’s nice just to be able to spend some ‘couple times’ sometimes we really need that just to realism that we are actually a couple and not work colleges!


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