Alton Towers, UK 15/06/2016

Hannah has been planning this for ages and finally it has come!! She was so excited and I love seeing her like that… And I’m quite excited as well it has been quite a while since we’ve both been so it’s gunna be really fun.

We picked up Amy at Manchester airport when I finished work and then we met Alisha and Megan back at Hannah’s later on in the day. We all stayed over at Hannahs house, had pizza and an early night making sure all the cameras were charging ready for the early start tomorrow.

We got up at 7am so everyone could have showers, I didn’t bother instead I sorted the cars out, just standard checks yano tyres, oil, screen wash ect… Next stop was petrol because both stitch (my car a little Citroen C1) and custard (Charlottes car a Peugeot 107) didn’t have any! So then we were on the motorway, an hour and a half later we stopped at a service station to grab some brekkie (Burger King brekkie, not to bad!) then back on the road! After about another hour (lots of close calls and really bad hills that both Stitch and Custard didn’t like) we finally got there after approximately 3 hours (an hour longer then intended!) all parked up and ready to go! 🙂

So we first went on Spinball Wizzer (formally known as Sonic Spinball but it’s gone back to its roots!) it was probably the dizziest thing ever to go on first! Normally it doesn’t bother me and I find it quite tame, but this time it really span even going up the hill right at the start of the ride! It was really good fun 🙂

We then went on the Skyride over to Forbidden Forest to go on 13 and Rita. These rides for me are me are a bit frightening, 13 because of the small drop inside (it makes my tummy feel funny!) and Rita because it goes so fast and my tummy gets left about 3 miles behind me! So it’s one or the other with me, only because I really can’t do both without feeling really sick, so this time I decided to do 13 because Alisha hadn’t been on it and I wanted to see how loudly she’d scream when the drop came… Safe to say she wasn’t to impressed!

They all then went on Rita apart from me and Amy who decided to stay of and record them instead 🙂 we then went back on the Skyride over toForbidden Valley, from there we went on Nemesis which is always really good and then we decided to go to the rollercoaster restaurant which was just incredible, it was so cool having the rails to the middle of the table and ordering food of a tablet was a crazy new experience! Obviously it was quite expensive but what do you expect with it being in the middle of Alton Towers, the thing that stood out most to me was the chocolate fondue, I could have eaten then over and over again! it was amazing. So with full stomachs we thought it would be a good idea to go on Galactica (formerly known as Air)… It was never a good idea we were all full and felt rather sick so when we tipped it was a bit of a heavy feeling, but again it was a really good experience having the goggles on and flying through space and go through to different planets and galaxies, it was really fun the only bad thing about it was the fact that I hold onto the goggles throughout the ride but I think thats only because I didn’t tighten it enough.

As I went to the toilet (yano nature calls and all that!) Everyone went on Blade 3 times! I didn’t even think I was that long in the toilet! By this time it had started raining badly so we ran to my favourite ride the Runaway Minetrain, yeah I know it’s a kids ride but I like it! We went on it twice and we were soaked so we decided to make it worse and go on the rapids where we got soaked again! Thankfully we brought dry clothes, so we got changed before getting in the car.

All in all it was a really good day, it felt weird because we didn’t have hotdogs and donuts like we normally would and we didn’t do Oblivion or the Smiler (to which I was rather pleased!) but I don’t think we needed to, really looking forward to go again 🙂

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