Busted, Pigs Can Fly Tour – Manchester Arena 21/5/16

So on this (not so) glorious day we are finally going to see Busted! I booked this before christmas last year so we’ve been very patient and waited about 7 months but FINALLY it’s time!!

We got there quite early, paid to much to park the car (£10! and we were a good 20 minutes walk away!) but when we got to the entrance we could go straight in which was loads better then having to wait outside, we got a drink each and a hot dog each because we hadn’t eaten anything yet and sat in our seats waiting for the show to start. We were quite high up but it gave us the whole view of the stage so it wasn’t to bad, we would have preferred to be in the ‘OMFG’ zone or even where the VIP’s where… Which was on the stage!! How crazy is that! they got to stand on the stage in the ‘pigsty’ while they played in front of them and got selfies and stuff, must have been amazing.The warm up acts were really good to actually, a lot of people didn’t turn up for them which I thought was a shame because I really enjoyed them, the first was a girl called Emma Blackerey I’m not gunna lie I didn’t have a clue who she was, apparently she is a YouTube sensation who has an EP coming out, she was really good! Quite rocky and has a very distinctive voice, at first I was like “Great another YouTuber trying to get famous” but then she actually sung and it was all her own songs which I thought were really good.

The second warm up act was a band called Wheatus, again at the time I didn’t have a clue (I no really bad!) and they were saying they were on something like their 7th album, I didn’t have a clue until their last song which was their only proper hit ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ that’s when I new who they were! The one thing I did notice though, he isn’t the best looking guy ever… And he has a HUGE forehead! Sounds mean… I don’t mean it to but yano you can’t miss it, it’s just there looking at you!

And then of course the main act or as wrestling fans like to call it ‘The Main Event of the Evening!’ Busted were just amazing! Their stage presents was incredible and of course the music was fantastic, it took me back to when I was 8/9 years old! I remember dancing round my room to their album singing along and then actually being at their concert was just incredible and being able to have that experience with Hannah is brilliant 🙂


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