Benidorm – 10th – 17th/5/2016

I’ve been looking forward to this holiday for months! I’ve handed in all my work and I’m excited to FINALLY get in some sun instead of just sitting in a cold dark room in the basement. There’s 14 of us going on this holiday so it’s going to to get messy (for other people not for me I don’t drink!).

Day 1 – Travelling

So we got picked up at 2AM by the taxi, we were checked in and waiting in the Departure lounge by 4AM waiting for the plane. Hannah wasn’t feeling to well because we didn’t sleep much and didn’t eat much, plus the nerves of flying (like I’ve said in previous blogs she’s terrified!) they all just kind of blended together.

We landed at 10:30 (Spanish time, they are an hour ahead of the UK), got the luggage andimg_0110 our own bus (because there is so many of us!) and we were at the gorgeous villa where we are staying for the week, as soon as we got in everyone was arguing over bedrooms but in all honesty as long as I have somewhere to sleep and I can cuddle Hannah I am very happy :). We stayed in though while everyone else went out because Hannah had to finish her essay and hand it in which she did and all on time!
The rest of the day was lazy until we decided to go out, we went to the Wild West bar, then went to get food at Joe and Josephs which was crazy cheap, I had 1/2 a chicken and chips and it only cost something like €6! We then went to see Dangerous Brian who is always funny! I think we will end up going to see him again at some point 🙂

Day 2 – Piss up

Tired today, really feeling it but closing my eyes on the sunbed helped a bit 🙂 We didn’t do anything all day apart from chill by the pool but the night time was just crazy! We went to Joe and Josephs for tea again had steak this time which was still crazy cheap and then went to watch the football at one of the sports bars. We met a guy called Craig who works on the doors but also works with segways during the day so we are deffo taking advantage of this and probably end up going on Saturday or something like that.

After there we just went out on the piss really I don’t drink so for me it was literally IMG_0977
just keeping an eye on bags and  drinks, which in all honesty I’m quite happy with because it keeps me busy ha, I did have one drink though for my Great Nan as it was her birthday today :(. We started of in one of the sports bars, then moved to the Black Chicken where there was a karaoke (my worst nightmare!), we then went to Loch Ness bar which was quite good, Champions bar was after that which I really liked it was quiet, there was this spinning bull thing which was funny to watch and the music was really good, we went over to Cafe Benidorm which is literally across the road but it was stupidly busy in there, me and hannah ended up having one drink and then going back to the villa, we didn’t end up getting in till about 3am so to say it was a good night would be an understatement.

Day 3 – Lazy Day

Everyone is suffering today due to how pissed they got last night! Apart from me as usual because like I have said before I don’t drink because I’m the smart one and don’t want to ruin my holiday with headaches constantly! Me and Hannah argued a bit this morning but managed to sort it. I literally just sat and chilled in the sun all day with my iPod blasting in my ears!

We decided to stay in tonight because there is a tension in the villa, Helen and Stuart have been arguing since they got here but they really argued last night so they aren’t speaking, but Charlotte (Hannah’s sister) is here! she got here at about 10ish our time so Hannah’s happier, she ended up going out with her to the hotel across the way where a few of us are staying just going for a drink so I sat and did some uni work while she was out then went to bed…

Day 4 -End of everyones tetherimg_0115

Today has been a nightmare! The daytime was chilled as always just chilling by the pool
watching the lads be idiots jumping in and out of the pool (it’s getting a bit boring now!). So we all went out at about 4ish to Talk of the Coast to have a few beers before we got the bus (yes the bus!) we got totally embarrassed on the bus by Woody (who probably has never used public transport in his life) because he started signing which we then got filthy looks of the locals as I expected so I couldn’t wait to get of it, I basically ran…

We then got to the Japanese restaurant all fine IMG_0116well and good until we ordered. First of the waitress/waiter was really rude not really
listening to what we were ordering, huffing and puffing when we were looking at the menus picking what we wanted and then when bringing the food (of which we didn’t really see much of because it went to the other end of the table) they were huffing and puffing because we were all fighting over it so we could actually eat. To say that it was a disaster would be an understatement, it got to the point where I had to take some time out and go outside for a breather, unfortunately it wasn’t only me that had to do that, you could feel the tension in the air. Before we got a taxi back to the Villa I bought Hannah a rose, not a black one like I did when we first got together but a real rose which she loved so that made the night a lot better to see her smiley 🙂

Day 5 – Segway!img_0111

Today started of better then yesterday, a few of us went to the beach to get away from the villa for a little bit and we just quite happily paid for some sunbeds and caught some rays… Well kind of, Charlotte got stung by a jellyfish so she was in a lot of pain, what got me though was when I went to investigate what was going on Mike was throwing jellyfish back into the sea with a spade (because jellyfish are 90 percent water therefore throwing them back into the sea will help!) then these two Spanish women took the spade that Mike was throwing them back in with, picked one up with it and put it in the bin! How nuts is that?! I feel sorry for the poor bugger that had to empty the bin!

We then went on a long walk to find Craig who we met on the 2nd night while we were out, he works with Segways so I booked for 9 of us to go and give it ago and have some fun, people kept backing out so Hannah got stressed and we just ended up going and seeing who would follow in the end there was 6 of us, throughout the walk Hannah got stressed and went into a serious stress, we argued most of the walk which wasn’t fun, I hate seeing Hannah like that because I know she will snap any minute and this time

Matt was the only one on a sit down segway

she did, I had to run after her at one point which hurt my feet because the floor was hot and I lost my flip flops whilst running. When we finally got to the place Charlotte calmed Hannah down and we had some serious fun on the Segways! Mike fell of his “4X4” as we kept calling it because it was huge and he broke it so we had to stop and wait for another one, I couldn’t get up or down the hill that we were going up and down for some reason and I was getting stressed and annoyed, thankful Craig was really calm and told me not to worry. What was funny though on the way back Craig decided to do a dick move and try and do an emergency stop right in front of Mike and he fell off was very funny!

Day 6 – Me and Hannah Day

So after yesterdays kick off me and hannah decided to go and have a day to ourselves. IMG_1080We got a taxi to Levente Beach, where we stayed when we came with my Nan. So we started by just sitting and talking on the beach, then went to a tattoo place, Hannah really wants to get a tattoo on this holiday I have no idea why but I never say no to a new tattoo so we went to have a look and decided to wait until we got home (we didn’t
want to be on tattoo fixers!), we then went to Clippers where we got the best burger ever! I have really missed that place, we were going to go to the Grand National bar (next door) for tea but we ended up meeting with Helen and that lot at an Indian restaurant which was a bit different, I didn’t really eat much (I had rice and garlic naan bread for my tea), we went to the pubs afterwards but me and Hannah ended up going home early because Hannah’s knee was really bad again, it didn’t take long for everyone else to follow suit and jump in the pool though… While this was happening I was upstairs with Hannah comforting her while she was throwing up the Indian chicken game her food poisoning!

Day 7 -RecoveryIMG_1121

So after last night everyone looked a bit fragile, myself included! I think it’s because of how late we were all up either jumping in the pool, being sick of comforting the sick! So we had a very chilled day to recover from
everything, we cleaned the villa, hovered,
moped etc,  we didn’t rush anywhere and only went out for some food and then came back to the villa, one thing is bothering me though is the fact of how itchy my sun burn is! I mean I know it’s burnt really bad but I didn’t think I was going to pee this much and I definitely didn’t think it would be this itchy!

Day 8 – Home Time

So I was kind of excited to go home because I get to see my mum and Jay, but I also didn’t want to leave the beautiful villa. We got to the airport and it was a nightmare! So stressful, there was only one person checking people in when there was a good 100 people waiting, then Stuarts bag was to heavy so he had to sort all the paying and stuff out to get it on, we went for burger king after that (which cheered me up) then went to duty free, Hannah managed to get her perfume quite cheap so she was a happy, we got on the plane. Hannah broke my hand for take of, closed my eyes for what felt like 10 minutes and next think I know we are not even 15 minutes away from landing at Manchester airport!

Overall this holiday has been stressful but really good at the same time, we’ve all had fallouts but still had an awesome time 🙂



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