Wakefield Uni Trip – Martin Parr exhibition

Because its tiri week at uni, instead of having class we have trips instead, so I decided instead of going on the trip with my class I would drive some of the photography students down to their trip. So in my car there was Hannah, Aimii and Joe.

It didn’t take to long to get there, I think it was just over an hour to get to Wakefield, it was just boring for me because I drove approximately 45 miles straight. Don’t get me wrong I love driving, but sometimes it can be so boring!

We got there at about 10:50 paid £5 to park in the museums car park (which is crazy!) and before we even got into the museum we got really freaked out, because when we were going over the bridge we saw this…


Seriously it was huge and very creepy! It looked like a clown, but it was built with all different things, for example one of it’s hands was a dolls head, very creepy.

After going in and getting a sausage butty and a bru each (£12!) we met…


Sam! She was our guide through Martin Parrs work, Mark (Photography tutor) chose her because she worked with Martin Parr for a year on the rhubarb exhibition so he thought the photography students would benefit with someone like her showing them around and explaining how he gets his images and what he thinks about when planning his shoots and taking the actual images… To me though they were just pictures, don’t get me wrong I tried to understand why his work is so famous but I just couldn’t.

Sam did the whole layout of his work as well as going with him on trips to gather information which was placed in paragraphs next to his work.i

I took pictures of my favourite images of his, I don’t really know why these stood out to me but they did, maybe because two of the images are relating to one of my current assignments (technology addiction, they are taking a picture of something instead of standing and looking/studying the image/object) where as the one with snow on the roof I just really like that picture because I love the colour contrast in the image.

Overall it was a good trip I got to spend some time with my girl as well as looking as some lovely pictures and getting some inspiration for my assignments.


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