Blue Planet Aquarium, UK 17/01/16

I’ve been feeling down these past few weeks, but knowing that I was going to the Blue Planet Aquarium in Chesher with Hannah has got me though.

I havn’t been to the Aquarium since I was very little, so little that I can’t actually remember going, all I can remember is my favourite frog ( Blue Poison Dart Frog) and the amazing sharks that were there.

So we went, got lost on the way because I took the wrong turn off (my bad!) but we made it, I had been reading recent online reviews of the Blue Planet and people have been saying that it’s boring and that you could go round the whole thing in about 2 hours. From my experience I completely disagree, we got there at about 1pm and we didn’t leave till about 4:30pm because we took our time going round, watching the talk with the sharks, going behind the scenes (that was an extra £3 each) and just having a really good time.

It was nice to spend sometime with Hannah just the two of us, not in any rush to go anywhere and just having a really good time looking and learning about the different fish and sharks it was a really good day.

Shark Facts that we learnt

  • Great white sharks can’t live in captivity – the longest they have lived for is 2 days.
  • 100 million sharks are killed every year.
  • 12 humans have died worldwide by sharks last year and even then it was the infections that cost them their life.

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