Cruise Mediterranean 2015

I had such an amazing time on this holiday. I have to admit that I was terrified because I don’t like boats, but the last boat that I was on was a glass bottom boat in Majorca when I was little and to say that I wasn’t well would definitely be an understatement, so I hoped that it was going to be different being on a bigger boat.

Day 1 – Traveling (24.9.15)

So our flight was at 5:20am and due to excitement (and nerves) the night before I couldn’t sleep so was rather tired! We flew from Manchester Airport and it was a really nice flight actually, which if I’m honest I wasn’t expecting. We got to Dubrovnik and went straight though to the coach which then would take us to the ship, it was weird just going straight there because it felt like I wanted to get my case from the plane but it gets taken to your room on the ship, so for the rest of the day all we had was hand luggage. Because Hannah new about us not getting our luggage we had some spair clothes in our hand luggage. The ship was huge and mine and Hannah’s room was perfect, our luggage got there just before we went for tea so perfect timing really, oh and by the way… ALL THE FOOD WAS FREE!! I was rather pleased when I found this out, safe to say I will be going home twice the size!

Day 2 – At sea (25.9.15)

So we have been at sea all day today, it was very hot so I am burnt to a crisp as always, BUT in the place I couldn’t reach! It’s literally the smallest burnt triangle ever! Otherwise it has been a really chilled out day, we happily sat in the sun, drank (pineapple juice!) and enjoyed the onboard entertainment… Yano quizzes and ice sculptures, the usual!

Tonight was captains night and Helens 50th birthday, so we got all dressed up, unlike the nights to come we had to do the whole suit and dress’s which was nice to be honest, I’ve never been to something like that before, but everyone looked very smart, Hannah looked beautiful in her dress.

Day 3 – Valletta, Malta (26.9.15)

So we had an excursion today! It was called ‘Land and Sea’ and wow it was amazing! We started of on a speedboat, thinking it was a good idea (and not realising that we were late!) we decided to sit at the front safe to say on the way back we decided not to! It was really good at the front though, defiantly got the adrenaline going, but my god it hurt! Because we were late he had to go even quicker then normal so when going over the waves it felt like we were falling on rocks! The pain was nasty but the adrenaline was amazing! When we got onto the land it was a place called Gozo and it took us a day to go round the whole island on a 4×4. The island was beautiful, we saw the ‘blue lagoon’ which was just crazy beautiful, it was so clean you could see straight through it no matter where you went, we also went to a little market where we watched a not planned photo shoot, which Hannah loved because it was a fashion shoot in front of the rocks. We then went to a little shop where they sold hand made items which was pretty amazing, I got a dream catcher which had been handmade and I fell in love with straight away so I am now protected from nightmares when I sleep 🙂

On the way back to the boat we went into this cave, which was really dark and people actually walk through it even though it can only be accessed by water. When we turned round we saw Elephant Rock which featured in a  lot of films but it was quite incredible, it is definitely something that you want to find and look at as it’s really impressive and the fact that it wasn’t hand made is just incredible.

Day 4 – Messina, Sicily (27.9.15)

Had an excursion today! Not very impressed though considering we paid a lot of money for this one and we only had about 45 minutes to have a proper look round. We went up Mt Etna which is a live volcano only we didn’t because it was a 5 hour excursion but it took 2 hours to get up there and 2 hours to get back and even then we had to wait 15 minutes for them to let us of and on the bus, so we couldn’t even go up to Mt Etna because it takes an hour in the cable car, so we had to stay at the dormant volcanos around it which was still pretty amazing. We got back in just enough to time to get changed and go for some food, which of course was bloody gorgeous! And we then went to watch the shows that are on every night, this one was seriously funny and honestly I have no idea why! It was just a game show that everyone got involved in and everyone just started laughing randomly, it was a really good night 🙂

Day 5 – Brindisi – Italy (28.9.15)

Hardly slept last night but made up for it with a lovely lie in this morning with lots of cuddles. We went into Italy today, it’s such a beautiful place I could quite happily go again to have a proper look round, Hannah bought some clothes which are absolutely gorgeous and it would have been rude not to get an ice cream… They were amazing, crazy cheap and huge!  There was some really cute and quirky shops to look round but we didn’t get anything, instead we went to the auction on the boat, it was mainly signed stuff but I was after one specific thing that (typically) didn’t come up which was a signed Joe Hart (Manchester City goalkeeper) glove, it was expensive so I thought that I wouldn’t be able to get it, but Charlotte got in me for christmas so that is deffo getting framed and going on the wall (much to Hannahs dismay :D). The night was good, food was gorgeous as always and it was just really chilled, as usual we went to watch the different shows that were on and had a few drinks it was lovely.

Day 6 – Koto – Montenegro (29.9.15

Montenegro has the best sun rise in the world but I decided to miss it because it was at 6am in the morning and I couldn’t be bothered to get up 😀 Hannah got up and then missed it because she was looking for her mum so she wasn’t impressed at all.

When we got up and had breakfast we decided to go off the boat and we ended up going on a glass bottom boat to have a better view of the scenery, because we went straight through mountains, we even saw ‘Our Lady of the Rocks’ from where we were which was incredible, it looked like it was made out of ice!

We got some professional pictures taken at sunset with the mountains in the background, had some food (amazing as always!) and then went to watch the African show that was on which was incredible.

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Day 7 – Hvar – Croatia (30.9.15)

So we went of the boat today but to get to shore we needed to get onto another smaller boat which was a new experience!  When we got to shore (avoiding the dolphins!!!!!) Hear turned out to be beautiful. Every shop that we went passed sold all different types of lavender and crystals that I would love to have bought but I can’t have them at the flat due to fire hazards which sucks!

We sunbathed for the rest of the day (I fell asleep 😀 ) then had some beautiful food, I can’t believe it’s our last day I’m seriously going to miss this 😦

Day 8 -Traveling (1.10.15)

Very early morning this morning, I really didn’t want to leave the ship because I absolutely loved it, considering I was so scared before we went it was amazing. I loved waking up in all these different places and reading the ‘Cruise News’ every day! We got on the bus which took us to the airport, went through security and everything fine then had to sit and wait to bored the plain. I don’t really remember much of the flight back because I was that tired I fell asleep pretty much instantly, next thing I no Helen’s waking me up to get of the plane! We then drove back to Blackpool and I went to go see my mum 🙂


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