Disneyland Paris 13-15/03/2015

This is the first time Hannah has been to disneyland paris! I’ve been quite a few times so I was really excited for her! We both went with my mum (because she loves rides and it would have been mean to go without her) we went from the 12th-15th of March and it was just so much fun!

Day 1

So we flew out on the 12th from Liverpool John Lennon airport at 5:30pm, the flight was nice it was really smooth actually which was surprising considering it looked like it was going to rain any second. When we landed we found that the transfer bus which we paid to get didn’t run that late which miffed us of a bit, so we had to get a taxi which cost an arm and a leg but finally we got to the Santa Fe hotel. By this point Hannah is getting really excited and just wants to go on everything… But the parks closed so we just went to our Lightning McQueen themed room and called it a night.

Day 2







So it was a very early morning for us, we went looking round the shops before we went onto the park, I got an awesome new top of Mickey Mouse being gangsta! While we were walking through main street the parade had just started (swing into spring) so we happily stood there and watched it, it was really good and there was a very cheeky Piglet that wouldn’t leave the stewards alone!

We then went on practically all of the rides on the park, it was really quiet because all the kids were still in school. I loved Big Thunder Mountain, Indiana Jones (even though it gave me a headache) and of course Pirates of the Caribbean and Buzz Lightyear! There was a lot of photo opportunities in Buzz Lightyear with the LGMs (Little Green Men for those who haven’t seen Toy Story!) and we took advantage!!

DSC04104We went into the Walt Disney Studios park as well, mainly to have a look round but also because mum wanted to go on Rockin’ Rollercoaster, so we went on the studios tour while mum went on what she wanted to do. We only went there because we had time, we’re going to have a proper look round tomorrow.


We then went to the Rainforest Cafe for tea and mum got slightly tipsy! We sat by this DSC04245tree that kept talking every 5 minutes saying “Hi kids I’m Tracey tree!” and it got on Hannahs every last nerve, it was so funny! We then went to watch the show that happens every night. They close of the castle and do a firework display with all the different music, it was really good but we only got chance to catch some of it so we were hopeful that we would catch it tomorrow.


Day 3

I didn’t sleep well so I was grumpy this morning. But we made it down for breakfast (and had some proper French quasons) before going to Walt Disney Studios to meet Spider-man! I was so excited and he was actually American! he wasn’t one of them people with a really bad American accent, he actually was American which made the experience so much better, he wanted to pick mum up and she freaked which was funny.

We then went on quite a few rides, I chickened out of Rockin Rollercoaster, yano when you think you can do something but then realise that you can’t? Yeah that happened. I took Hannah on Armageddon, totally forgot that she was afraid of fire! And of course what comes out at you… FIRE! That was seriously my bad, I found it quite funny…She didn’t speak to me for about half an hour :/

After that we decided that we were quite hungry, but before there was a meet the characters thing going on and there was Stitch! I was so excited but to far back for me to get a picture with him, which sucks but we will try again tomorrow.

So we decided to go to Annets Diner, which is an american diner that I really wanted to take Hannah to and she loved it. She got a rather large Strawberry milkshake and… well you can see in the pictures the before and after shots! The burger was gorgeous as well, well worth the money, even then though it’s not that expensive for what you get.

We went back to the actual park and went back on a few rides but the queues were getting quite big considering the kids were of school so we only went on a few. We then sat in the freezing cold for quite a while waiting for the show to start and just as we decided that it was to cold and we were walking out of the park we lost our amazing spaces and the show started, which was typical! We all really wanted to see it, but never mind it’s another excuse to come back! We did get some churros and Nutella on the walk back which were just amazing, Hannah loved them.

Day 4 – Last day

Jam packed last day. We wanted to get on everything that we could as soon as possible because we had an evening flight to catch. We queued up for Crush’s coaster and OMG it was amazing, a spinning roller coaster it was just brilliant. We waited a while afterwards to go on it again and it was so worth it!

DSC04177I met Stitch! I was so excited, I had just got a stitch dressed as Yoda and he loved it,
which was really funny. Oh and mum got a picture taken with the big orange orangutang from the Jungle Book, was so funny.

We then went to the Rainforest Cafe for the final time we were all nackered and I was desperate for some sleep. But we got a few pictures and Hannah got a picture taken with the Elephant that she liked (obviously it wasn’t real) but she fell in love with it. We then had to run and catch the transfer bus to the airport for the flight home.DSC04238DSC04254

No matter what people say about Disneyland Paris it is still an amazing holiday for all ages as theres is things to do for everyone. Personally I can’t wait to go back for another holiday, I had so much fun as did Hannah and mum. Hopefully we can save enough to go back again next year.




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