Dance trip, Manchester UK, 9-11/12/2014

So I decided to surprise Hannah for her birthday. Instead of buying her something that I would normally buy her (jewellery and Lindor chocolates) I decided to taker her to go see Diversity dance crew at the Phones 4 U Arena in Manchester, and instead of just going for a day we went for the weekend, which was nice considering we don’t have much time just us two.

Day 1

I hadn’t been well a few days before and still wasn’t feeling to good, but I was determined to still go and have a good time. Hannah doesn’t like trains (or planes!) so getting on a 2 hour train journey frightened her a little, but we made sandwiches and played games, it was fun and kept her occupied and I think she quite enjoy the journey.

We stayed at a travel lodge not even a 5 minute walk away from the arena, it took us a while to get there though considering I got the tickets to the wrong train station! We walked for about an hour with all our stuff (which was seriously heavy!) and finally found it thanks to Google maps!

By the time we checked in and got our stuff to the room (which was lovely) it was about
2pm so we sat and chilled for a bit, unpacking and getting comfortable. We then decided for tea that we would go to the all you can eat buffet called the Red Hot World Buffet. For the price it was really good, all different kind of food and it was still hot (bonus!) I stayed away from the seafood thought, can’t stand fish! We got a cracker at the table (I have no idea why?) but when I won (hahahaha!!!) we got a moustache out of it… we had a lot of fun with it…

By the time we left we were extremely full and had a nice steady walk back by the Christmas Markets, there was only a few stalls because it was quite late so we had a little nosey but there wasn’t anything interesting so we decided to go tomorrow while we went shopping.

Day 2

We got up early this morning to have a wonder around Manchester, we were desperate to by some Christmas presents (yano get ahead and all that!) and we managed to do quite a lot, which was good. I got myself one of those eskimo hats that keeDSC_0052p my ears warm
and a Christmas jumper that Hannah wants me to wear (it’s just so itchy!). We didn’t manage to go to the Christmas Markets because Hannah was worrying about time, so I promised her that next time we are down we can go and have a look around. By the time we got back it was almost time to go to the show so we chilled out a bit before getting ready.

Before we went for the show I saw that there was some VIP tickets to do a meet and great with Diversity as well as the show for next back home in Blackpool, safe to say I couldn’t pass it up and got 2 tickets to go, Hannah was over the moon as was I so next year we are not only going to go see the new tour but we are also going to meet the boys!

We were really early, we stood and waited for a while before they opened the doors to go in and find our seats but we finally got in and seated, we had really good seats, you could see the whole stage without having to look up at the dance. It then took a while for the show to start, it seemed that they were running a bit late but it didn’t matter in the end because the show was just so amazing that you just couldn’t take your eyes of them. The choreography was incredible, as well as the formations and the story telling, it was a really entertaining show and I would recommend anyone to go see them not only for the dancing but also for the atmosphere.

Hannah then asked if we could wait and maybe see them so we stood outaside in the freezing cold and of course it was raining waiting at this back gate with a load of other people waiting to meet Diversity, instead of meeting Diversity we met the Boadicea ladies, who Hannah also loved. We didn’t stay long because the weather was getting really bad, Hannah wasn’t to bothered though because we are going to meet Diversity next year now anyway so it’s not like we were missing out. She was really pleased meeting Boadicea though, she loved them when they were on Sky Ones’s ‘Got To Dance’ a few years ago so meeting them was like meeting an idol to her which was amazing to see.

DSC_0074.JPGDay 3

We really didn’t want to go back. We had such an amazing time just us two, no work or college just us exploring new places, but we had to. We had to be out of the room by 11 and we had an open return for the train, so if we decided to stay in Manchester for a little while then that would have been ok, but we didn’t. We missed breakfast but ordered something when we went downstairs as well as a taxi. There was a bit of confusion with the taxis because there was another guy waiting for one and he ended up taking ours, but it wasn’t such a big issue because we were in no rush.

We got there early and waited for our train, we were both very quite and didn’t really know what to do with ourselves. It seems that the one thing that we had both been really excited for, for months took so long to get here but when it came, it went by so fast! I think that happens with anything though. I just hope we get the time and the money to be able to do something like this again because it was just so much fun, both of us just so relaxed and enjoying each others company.



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