Break to Benidorm 2013

So me, Hannah and my Nan went to Benidorm for a few days. This time it was Hannah’s first time on holiday without her family and with all honesty I think she struggled because it’s something that she’s never done before and it frightened her, after a cuddle she seemed to be ok though.

Me and Hannah spent most of our time sat by the pool, she was quiet happily sunbathing and I was reading my books, whilst Nan went out and about shopping as she always does when we are on holiday. That was really as exciting as our days got, but our evenings where so much better!

There was 2 places that we went to the whole time we were there that was only across the road from us. One place was amazing if we just fancied something small, which served a beer and a burger for something like €3 which was really good! And there was this other place next door who served the best breakfasts and (according to Hannah) the best Chilli and Chips, it was so good she had that practically every time we went. We then went to a new place, where we watched a Michael Jackson impersonator, he actually looked exactly like him it was weird!

We then watched a guy called ‘Dangerous Brian’ he is a friend of Hannahs mum (Helen), he moved from Scotland to Benidorm so safe to say he is in his element there! We went to this place a few times, just to watch the acts even though we had seen them before, but they were just so good and it wasn’t that far away.

While we were here I thought that it was the right time to propose to Hannah, we have been together for 3 years and I had been thinking about it for quite a while. We went to this place called Aqualandia, which is obviously a waterpark, it was so much fun. Nan quiet happily sat on the sunbeds while me and Hannah went and did all the rides. After going on a few rides we decided to go relax for a bit by the Waterfall which was a replica of Niagara Falls and it felt like the perfect time to do it… The only issue was that if I decided to go onto my knee (like you normally would) I would have drowned soooooo I stood and asked and guess what… She said YES!



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