Graduation in Greece 2012

So this is the first time I’ve been on a trip without my mum and I think that its not going to be the last! I went with my Girlfriend Hannah, her mum Helen and her sister Charlotte. We went to celebrate our graduation of High School, we were staying over our graduation date, so we decided to celebrate in the beautiful Greek Island called Rhodes.

As an overall, I really enjoyed the trip. It was somewhere where I had never been before and that was really exciting! I researched into Greece before I went and saw the beautiful scenery and architecture as well as the beautiful sea and beaches.

We arrived at Rhodes airport about mid afternoon, it was VERY hot! and because it was quite an early flight (with very little sleep due to excitement!) we went straight to bed IMG_1684to get a few hours before tea.

The days seemed to be really chilled and I was nice and relaxed (and rather pink!) for the week that we were there. We were going to walk into Rhodes but it
was so hot that me and Hannah decided against it and went back to the hotel (not
before getting an ice cream at the supermarket on the way back of couse!). But we also decided to go to the water park on the way back to the hotel which was free to get into for us because we were staying across the road! How awesome! It was huge and so much fun, especially because it was so hot.


The night of our prom was nice, we got all dressed up (probably not as
glam as we would have if we were at home) and went to Pegasus restaurant to celebrate. The food was gorgeous and we had an amazing time, they smashed plates and made everything so fun and exciting, it was really good.

I got my first deck of Bicycle playing cards on this holiday and safe to say they are still the best out of all of my cards… I don’t know whether thats because they are my first or if its the fact that Hannah bought them for me. We also made some friends while we were there, not the human kind, the 4 legged furry friend type, there were loads of stray dogs around, but they were all so friendly and all they wanted was love, so on our last night they all decided to come and see us before we left which was awesome. You can see in the pictures that they just wanted some love and attention and that is exactly what me and Hannah gave them, we became really attached to them, so leaving them there with very little food and water was heartbreaking, but after a while we realised that the dogs were  looked after by the staff at the hotel so we felt better.


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